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14 comments on “The Foundry MARI Ver 1.2 v1 64Bit Only XForce

  1. The Foundry Mari 1.2V1 x64


  2. This shit software only works with Nvidia cards!
    ATI rules!!

    • If ATI rules….it would work with ATI cards. If your a gamer ATI rules right now….If you are a serious CGI artist you go with nVidia…but of course you knew this because it’s so obvious!

      • when i see system requirements for this program, i’m choosing bodypaint3d. i’m jealous of people who can run mari smoothly, but those are rare. 250GB disk space available for caching and temporary files (or a minimum of 50GB if you’re working on a small project) – that is just small example. i wont mention other details. they should definitely optimize that program

        • The program is designed for extremely high resolution texturing in big budget projects…Mari was born out of necessity and made specificly to run on high end nvidia based workstations (as those were the systems they were using at the time of its creation) and not gaming rigs or systems using ATI cards.

          • Hey buddy , Bodypaint 3d also designed for high resolution texturing in big budget projects too. it means enough to paint in 3d world. Mari? Give it ur pet this shit.

        • Plus, you could easily purchase a 250gig hdd for $35 to use as a dedicated cache drive:

          I’m actually considering going out later this week to pick one up…

          • nvidia cards suck COCK !!!
            there is plenty of workstation GPU’s by ATI that beat hands down invidia piece of shit cards, I will never buy nvidia cards…

            past disappointed nvidia user/cg artist since 1996 ….

            • You’re full of shit.


              If you knew anything about the history and evolution of GPUs then you’d know that voodoo/3dfx where the cards to rock back in 1996-1998 until Nvidia dominated the market with their TNT2…

              Shut up kid, it really doesn’t matter who is the best, it’s what ever tool is best for the job.

            • Imma let you finish but…
              You just got OWNED son!
              sorry, had to let that out.

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