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34 comments on “1300 Xfrog Plants for Terragen 2

  1. Thanks for this great release, but it’s possible to upload with ddl : Filesonic, fileserve ? Thanks in advance.

    • no
      it will just be stupid to upload 18gb of content and split all the rars
      I made a high speed torrent as it caters for all users besides you can choose what you want without having to download a bunch of parts

  2. Man I stopped using Torrents 4 years ago for faster and more reliable downloads.


      cant you read or something?

  3. my token is empty in peers.. any option to grab it out side, bit by bit?… thanks

  4. Same here, I havent used CGPEERS in some time, went there to get this, used my login credentials, and POOF! No good. Saying my account has been disabled. Thats a crock. How ’bout I disable you.

    Please post this using some “real” links, Filesonic, Hotfile, etc.


    • yeah that means your a faggot leecher
      so no download for you GTFO

      • bull $hit, dont you read faggot? It says he hasnt downloded in a while. Me over 6 months…account turned off…go back to first grade

  5. Just get a fucking torrent program. It’s better. My download is at 950kb/s, what more do you want?

    …and then seed when you’re done, like a good little boy.

    • Because not everyone can use Torrents very well. At times I can easily download at up to 1mb/s but the best upload speed I get is 50kb/s – and that’s if I’m not doing anything else with my connection. So if I downloaded this on Torrent it would take me about a week of not using the internet to re-seed it.

      Plus most ISPs are now shaping internet traffic, a practice download sites get around – most of the day my Torrent connection drops to 0.5kb/s total download. At the same time I get over 1mb/s from FileSonic.

      TL;DR, torrents are fine for some people but don’t be a dick just because for others they’re not the best option.

  6. ( If you ever make money from anything related to Terragen/XFrog, go buy them. )

    Much thanks to the provider of this amazing torrent.

  7. OK. Thanks Ir0nboy for your punishment, .. there were many reason for people failed to increase their token in peers.. mine is purely net connection and small hd capacity., nothing bad at all about the peers and the forum…

  8. this is 4 ironboy
    for u 2 post those links
    sets u apart from all others
    very few go out of their way to do what u did
    esp when its 1 so large

    im not saying this 4 my benefit
    but because its true

    w/ an attitude and a generous spirit like urs
    u will always be empowered to excel in what ever u do

    so be encourage bro
    u dont have to try hard at anything
    or prove urself to any1

    just do u
    and all will go well w./ u


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