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  1. For those having issues with port 80,

    Go into CMD and type in netstat -abno

    Go through the list and find what is using port :80, they were under Foreign IP on my machine. Above it will be the program name, it will also display the PID.

    You can use the PID to go into Task Manager, Add the PID column by going to the Processes Tab, then View>Select Columns…

    Sort the PID and find the matching PID and end their process. Make sure to also check the Services Tab also.

    For me, I had to do this 2-3 times because every time I ended the process, a new program jumped onto the port, so I had to go back into CMD and start over, but it is a quick process. For this having issues with “Web Deployment Agent Service”, check out the link Stupidinlove posted.

    Good Luck

  2. I have e problem downloading it, it stops at 97%
    It does the same for all mirrors, is anybody familiar with this problem?
    thank you in advance

  3. file has been removed of all links !

    please update links !

    tnx alot cg persia !

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