29 comments on “Orbaz Patricle flow box #2 V1.07. & Particle Flow box #3 V1.531 Max 2012 32/64bit

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  2. Thank you very much for posting this. Keep it up dude!! Cheers!

  3. Mais um pra vender l? na barraquinha R$10,00 0 CD
    Many thanks

  4. Orbaz Patricle flow box #2 V1.07. & Particle Flow box #3 V1.531 Max 2012 32/64bit


  5. Hi guys. Forgive this idiot passing as Orbaz.
    Enjoy the software. If you liked it, buy it.

  6. Hi guys what am I doing wrong as I get the error message that the PhysXloader64.dll could not be found!?

    • Go to Nvidia SITE and download PhysX Software and INSTALL!
      thats it!

      mirror: PFTBOX3 PRO V1.531 3DSMAX 2012
      PFTBOX2 PRO V1.07 3DSMAX 2012

  7. hello every body
    pleise help me i cant see first 3 digit serial number can you tell me pleise

  8. Hello everyone!
    Everything works fine for me except I cant see bounding boxes.. I mean, containers. Particles are all visible but I cant see for example visual bindings with glue (box2).
    Tried reinstalling, didnt help

  9. Problem!
    While max is loading up a message pops up that
    DLL from …/ParticleFlowTools/Box2/ParticleFlowToolsBox2.dlo
    failed to initialize. Error code 126 – can’t find the module.

    After okeying this max is opening and I have Box 3 (I’ve authorized it with no problem) and Freebes but no sign of Box 2.

    Can anyone help?

    Of course i have max 2012 x32

    • Same problem here, but I wasn’t able to authorize anything. I’m running 3DS Max 2012 x64. I also have the latest version of Physx directly from the NVidia website.
      HELP US!!!

  10. Hi, it seems as if there is no “activation server”.

    Where do i find it?

  11. How can i download them?None of the links that ironboy posted are working!

    • same problem here , the sites don’t allow sharing anymore,, torrent plz?
      i want this soooo bad!!

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