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video2brain – Autodesk SketchBook Pro – Grundlagen (GERMAN)[/center]
German | Beginner | 1h 49m | 315 MB | Project Files are not included | Required Software: Autodesk SketchBook Pro

Draw, sketch, and gather ideas
Like to draw? Draw a lot? Would you like to do that on the computer? Then Autodesk SketchBook Pro is the right tool for you. From simple sketches to illustrative-painted pictures anything is possible. In this video tutorial Olaf Giermann will start from scratch and teach you user interface, working practices and the various tools. Put simply going on with your digital sketchbook!

Topics include:
* Introduction and preferences
* The brush tools
* Drawing and painting



German | Advanced | 1h 19m | 418 MB | Project Files 50 MB | Required Software: Adobe Photoshop

Welcome to the virtual gym
Liquefaction and deformation takes place in the portrait and beauty retouching is always a significant role – regardless of whether it is used subtly or clearer expression. In this video tutorial Calvin Hollywood is fitness trainer and cosmetic surgeon at the same time. Only he can scalpel and exercise bikes aside and instead grabs the liquify tool and various transformation tools. He shows you the different ways you can change a face or a body depending on the requirements of the final image and gives you techniques for different applications in hand.



video2brain – Business-Portr?ts retuschieren (GERMAN)[/center]
German | Advanced | 3h 45m | 652 MB | Project Files 5 MB | Required Software: Adobe Photoshop

From image design to the finished application picture
You are looking for a photographer effective techniques for retouching images or customers want to create your self hand job pictures? This video tutorial focuses on a classic portrait retouching, conceals the unfavorable working out the details and personality. You will learn everything that makes a good business portrait and what to look for – to the finished application picture.

Topics include:
* Image development in camera raw
* Basic Retouch – face
* Basic retouching – skin
* Typical Business Looks
* Job picture
* Press portrait