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Advanced | 1h 14m | 370 MB | Project Files 75 MB | Required Software: NUKE 6.3v2

In these NUKE tutorials, we?ll learn ten tips and tricks to work faster in NUKE, from proxies to expressions to python to render commands.
Some of these tips will be obvious, like using proxies and the region of interest to speed up viewer performance. Others will be a bit more complex like building an expensive node disable-enable expression control system tied into our write nodes using Python commands. We’ll also learn how most 3D applications create EXR files and ways we can increase performance by re-rendering them out of NUKE in its’ preferred format. Finally we’ll look at a cheap way to improve our motion blur from NUKE’s 3D system using a combination of samples and vector blurs.



German | Beginner | 2h 02m | 572 MB | Project Files are not included | Required Software: Autodesk Mudbox

Digital Sculpting and Painting in 3D
Mudbox is a 3D program that lets you shape models on almost painterly way and can make a lot of detail. In this video tutorial Olaf Giermann will give you a fundamentals to the work with Mudbox. You’ll learn how to use the various tools to model figures, create brushes and stencils with different structures, then this models to be provided with color or gloss and lighting. Let your imagination run wild when creating models and creatures!



AE Tuts+ How To Make A Crazy Gyro-Dimentional Animation ? AE Premium

In this two part tutorial, we?re going to start by creating the center for the gyroscope by tweaking out Trapcode Particular?s Aux System. The second part will focus on building the actual gyroscope layers around the center using Trapcode Particular?s Textured Polygons.

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