36 comments on “iToo RailClone Pro 1.2.1 For 3DsMAX – Full

  1. same trouble here i dont get how to aply crack helph will be more than appreciate 🙂

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  2. For the medecine, you have to be carefool with the folder:

    Put the licence number in:
    c:/programdata/itoo software/licences

    not in program files

    Work very good

  3. i got it how to install the crack. let me know if this is compatible for 3D Max 9 because i incounter error when i starting to go to railclone modify tab.can you tell me also what the sys requirements for this plug in

    • when i fill info in keygen and press generate
      it’s gives the massage


      what happen please help somebody

      • maybe you should try to download it again and fill the info correctly especially the email and phone number..by the way i am using max 9 thats why i went back to the old version of it..unless your too lazy to model

      • This usually happens when you get you HWID wrong, to check it go:
        Start – programs – itoo software – railclone – License manager.
        On the bottom you should see the “hardware ID for this computer” marked in blue

  4. not working on 3ds max design x64 / windows 7 all fine until check properties for the railclone object, also following the crack instructions

  5. Any idea what the above comment means?
    And also, has anyone got it to work in win7-64x? Max2012?

  6. I have 3dsmax Design 2012 in windows 7, 64 version.
    Max tell me: the plugin is not made for this version of the program – not loading. Any idea for resolve it?

  7. hello.
    could you please share the link of Rail clone pro again?
    I desperately need it.
    thanks a lot

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