25 comments on “NextLimit Maxwell Render 2.6.0 x32/x64 With all Plugins

  1. Thanks a Bunch guys!!
    But just a question, does anyone knows if there is a Mac release or when will it be available?

    • u can download version 2.6.0 for mac.In http://www.maxwellrender.com/ but I do not know whether there is a crack for mac))

  2. There is a fatal crash when using MaxwellMesher. Tried everything. Couldn’t find a way around. Can anybody confirm that MaxwellMesher is broken in this release …or is it just me?

  3. Hi folks,
    I’m running maxwell with max design 2012, but when Itry to render the maxwell-Logo appears. Any Idea?
    Much thanks in advance!

    • Try to insert the number license in txt directly in maxwell studio in help/about.
      Or move the license.txt file in document/maxwell/ bla..bla… (sorry, I not sure now)

  4. anyone having a problem with batch network rendering not working?

  5. http://letitbit.net/download/95650.9eeb60caa12de9f64daa765e5e28/MaxwellRender_v2.6_x32x64_(With_Plugins).rar.html

  6. Hi
    First of all thanks to the uploader for sharing!

    I have a problem with Fire in Maya.
    When I start it and select an object it repetedly says voxelization, and cursor goes busy, regardless if im changing a parameter or not. If I stop fire and select an object the busy cursor shows up again and it interupts with my work, using up about 10% of processing power. What’s up with that?
    Anyone else has this problem?

  7. I figured it out…
    It seems that nothing is allowed to be selected while using Fire and then you have to make sure to use the stop menu item to prevent that silly behaviour.
    Hopefully someone else will benefit from my posts

    Once again thanks to the uploader ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. is there a maxwell2.6 x32bit plug-in for rhino4.0? if yes where may i find it?
    thank for your support!!!

    • Hi MC Hammer,
      Did you manage to find a plug in for Rhino 4? Also need this exact version.

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