33 comments on “Gnomon Master Class 2011 – Stylized Visual Effects Animation

  1. I like to see all courses of new Gnomon Master Class 2011 pls.


  2. And you may want me to upload the full version first, there was reports that this one is incomplete.

    • Telespella78:

      Yeah I unfortnately screwed up there, I’ll be re-uploading tonight. Along with the next request in the list: Environmental sculpting.

      • thanks!Can u re-upload the lesson 7&8 in seperately link as well? It’s easier for those who have downloaded.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. hey, great masterclass! do you by any means got the nuke tutorials for this collection? those i really loking forward to see :))

    cheers, thanks

  4. @Mattr
    Great post bro
    can you please upload
    Master Classes 2011 :- Advanced Visual Effects Techniques for Production

  5. Hope you’ll enjoy even more that master class as it comes to you for free ๐Ÿ˜›
    Have fun

  6. anybody make to mirror on mediafire or jumbofile…??
    cause i use IDM!!please and thanks,,,

  7. I haven’t seen all the videos yet, but he really messes up the explanation of the Houdini dynamics parameters in the first couple of videos.

  8. The Max video is just as bad. I have a feeling this might in fact be be Matt Leonard doing a French accent.

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