11 comments on “Xfrog 5.0.2 for CINEMA 4D R12 & R13 Win/Mac

  1. http://hotfile.com/dl/136942345/0be1e0f/Xfrog502_111128_C4D_Release_iND_CGP.rar.html

  2. Wunderbar! :)

    I know should rather ask in the forums… But I do it here aswell..
    Do anyone in here know how to export and import animation to/in Vue?
    Object animation that is – not camera!

  3. Thanks Nomad but I had to revert to C4D9 & XFrog 4.2 to get *.xfr files to import *with* animation.

    The so called “classic” importer is MIA in this version & the trial version. Probably for the same reason the 3dsMax plugin got canned i.e. “too hard” read “sub-par programmers”.

    • oh shut up. it clearly says for C4D. if u want Max version then go find a fucking Max version…idiot

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I hope to put some good use too this.

    Thx again

  5. all dead links…huh…re-upload if possible or make a torrent..tnx ;)

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