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  1. damnit.. again with huge releases on those unreliable download sites with pay if you want it quicker .. you guys are bullshitters trying to make money of ripped software – I would say it’s OK to used ripped software for learning purposes – but if you start making money off it, support and buy it – it will help the developers more and all of the people using it..
    .. anyways, torrent that shite – this is ridiculous

    .. even most of those hosting companies make because of the ripped software.. again, I don’t support people making money by just copying stuff around

    – if you rip software and don’t make any money off it, I don’t see that much of a problem there – it’s not a car, you cannot sell it later the same way you got it.. and if you don’t use it’s either that it’s crap and not user friendly, or you tried and failed – I’d rather if you try and win, and then support – that would be way benificial – we need more of an free open source philosophy there – software for free / charge for the support, or donate you favorite developer.. or use advertising to help you get moneyz..

    ..other than that, this forum is a great resource and has more information than on native software web sites..

    – cgpersia could probably get revenue from just advertising all of those companies – half of those I would never even hear about if it wasn’t listed, which means if I manage to use it in a pipeline and make enough money, I’ll buy those, I will not buy a plugin that I think I might use and never do / or I could learn how to use it and when someone requests it in the project / you can calculate it into the cost..

    – did anyone really ever made a comparison, between how much money big software companies loose through ripping software – and how many new contributing users they receive / and receive free advertisement them through pirating software..

    – it feels like autodesk actually doesn’t mind that much – it seems they always use the same copyrighting technique for the past 10 years.. like don’t change a thing if it works.. if 50% people buy and 50% people rip, and the company still makes more money – who is to loose there – it’s only when they think they can make even more

    – I’m gonna rationalize this, say you’re a 16 year old – no way to afford 3dmax even in a student version cause if you work it’s either pocket money, or for food..
    – but by the time you start being good at it, you actually start earning money, and then you will buy it cause you want all of the support – and all that autodesk had to do is – nothing at all – not even move a finger, and they have that free advert – because everyone uses 3dmax for the past 15-20 years and it’s easily downloadable and has lots of support because of that fact..

    .. this rationalization probably doesn’t work that much on 10-20$ worth of software, and people trying to live off their work

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