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An outstanding interactive 3D rendering engine

An outstanding interactive 3D rendering engine linked to a state-of-the-art 32-bit compositing engine in which you can animate, shade, light, filter at the same time, while everything is managed by a smart memory optimizer and all this, in a single striking piece of software that offers an amazing workflow.Not only the rendering is faster, but everything is. The whole evaluation is fully multi-threaded, from loading, deformation, to rendering and compositing. It’s simple: the more cores your workstation has, the faster it gets. It’s so fast, you’ll even wonder if you didn’t just upgrade your hardware.Work directly on your images. It’s really easy. Wanna pick an object? Just click on it. Move it? Drag it directly in the image. Assign a material? Just drag and drop it. Change the viewpoint? Orbit the camera. It’s so natural, you won’t even remember how you were doing it before.