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Krakatoa for Autodesk Maya

Krakatoa MY?or?KMY?for short is a volumetric particle rendering plugin inplemented using the?C++ Interface?to Thinkbox Software’s?Krakatoa?renderer for?Linux?andMicrosoft?Windows?operating systems.



Getting Started with Sculpting in Silo

Duration 2h 24m Level Beginner Project Files Included 15 FPS MP4

Silo has a great suite of modeling tools but with this tutorial we want to introduce you to another, often overlooked, aspect of the application and those are its sculpting tools.

Before we dive in and begin sculpting we will start the course by looking at how to quickly configure Silo to work in harmony with a Wacom Cintiq. This is the hardware I will be using throughout the tutorial but its important to state that you can easily follow along using a keyboard and mouse, or any other graphics tablet.

Once the environment is set we will then take a basic Hoola Girl model and work over each element, enhancing the surface detail using just the Paint Displacement tools.You can expect to learn with this tutorial that Silo is more than just a modeling package. Its sculpting tools may be basic, but with time and effort you can achieve great results in a short amount of time.