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17 comments on “Viscorbel – Vray Interior Lighting

  1. sgpeers pls. tnx so much. this is my favorite xmas gift!! :D

  2. meeeeeeeeeh… another max tutorial on Vray. Viscorbel is milking it. Instead of rehashing the same thing, why not Maya Vray or SI, or even crappy C4D?

  3. @Derptard
    the fuck is wrong with max+vray? why jump to other bulshit software?

  4. @Derptard
    Everything is depend in ~90% from yours skills, the rest is software. I think that good 3D artist / computer graphic designer / architect etc. can do anything, from any software. Example: you can do sub division modelling in 3ds max and in Blender with similar end result.

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