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12 comments on “SideFX Houdini FX 17.0.416 Win

  1. Thank you – Houdini is great !!!
    Pls provide us all those great tuts; especially from STEVEN KNIPPING, SABER JLASSI, TIMOTHY HANSON and all these other great guys…
    I’d download them twice :D

    • I understand your desire to crack multi-thousand dollar software from a company. But requesting, downloading, and using tutorials from individuals is a step too far.

      Learn it yourself, or buy the lessons.

      • Also it would be better if someone shares only medicine. It’s really easy to download specific version from sidefx website.

  2. 1) Install Houdini (Don’t run it)
    2) Start menu -> Search for ‘Services’ -> Houdini Sevices -> Stop both
    3) Copy sesinetd.exe from crack folder to Windows\system32
    4) Start menu -> Search for ‘Services’ -> Houdini Sevices -> Start both
    5) Start menu -> Search for ‘Houdini License Manager’
    6) Copy machine name and server code
    7) hit Generate
    8) go to License Manager -> File / Manually Enter License
    9) Copy Paste 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 Line of the generated gibberish into the License manager window.
    10) Hit OK
    11) Start Houdini and enjoy!

  3. I do not know what the Nvidia Optix included in the package is for.
    Can someone clarify?

    • That is Nvidia Optix Denoiser (New feature so you can download directly in Houdini with Render menu)

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