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49 comments on “Digital Tutors: Maya Collection (85 GB)

  1. Thank you very much for all this stuff, but why don’t we start to use torrents ?

  2. Probably because people don’t seed as much when they finish downloading, versus these files being in a server on its own.

  3. The password “palanpalinpalun” is not workin for the Python Scripting in Maya Class

  4. Actually for some reason the Mental ray online reference library dvd is not working

  5. On the mental ray online reference dvd, after i download them all, its keeps saying “unable to process the headers in the archive……………..”

  6. Ok got it working, you wont be able to open it in Winzip, it only opens in Winrar, you will get an error when opening the first file,, close the erroor box and it will allow you to go to the folders of the dvd and the movies.

  7. Maya introduction CD 1 part 2 is missing, can anyone link me please.

  8. Maya introduction CD 3 part 4 is missing, can anyone link me please.

  9. The password for Digital Tutors Sculpting Caricatures in ZBrush 3 not working, please need a password

  10. I dont understand this. I have downloaded the files and i’m using stuffit expander to open them, but its not giving me a prompt for a password….

    It just shows the rar folder and when i click it a new window opens with anotehr rar folder. Its not actually showing me the .avi or .mov files that are in the folders.

    What am i doing wrong here. I’d really appreciate it if someone could post the answer.



  11. Got it working. If you are using MAC, the only unzipping program that works is UNRARX (Freeware). Opens like a charm and then you can mount the discs in toast and watch the vids.

    Thanks a bunch for your hard work!


  12. no torrent here. fuck the slow speed torrent. rapidshare is the best forever. i have downloaded 250gb/month. wow …

  13. Try this
    Here is all the links
    sorry for my bad English

  14. thanks for everything
    what should i do after download :
    Digital tutors-Bonus Lesson FBIK
    they are not opened by any program

    • Yes, need help i tried to change the file format to rar by renaming it but it didnt work… dont know what to do with this files can someone help me pls

  15. the password for soft n rigid bodies is wrong?
    it shows dat the files r corrupt?
    can somebody help me out???

  16. hey guys…..plzzz help……
    Cartoon Vehicles Rigging CD3 part3 is missing…..and CD4 is only part1 and 2???
    if someone got them complete, please let me know……thx a lot.
    btw, great post. :D

  17. password for rigid and soft bodies is not working, pls give correct password

  18. Can Anyone give me the password for Animating Next Gen Characters In Maya the password is not working

  19. kindly upload the vehicle rigging tutorilas D3 and D4 rar files

  20. Digital Tutors:Introduction to Maya, 2nd Edition

    CD 1 Part 2

  21. Digital Tutors:Introduction to Maya, 2nd Edition

    CD 3 Part 4

  22. Digital Tutors:mental ray Workflows in Maya Caustics
    better links, these work without error

    links taken from

  23. Rigging Cartoon Vehicles in Maya
    after DLing change name to match and it will work.

  24. I download render passes in maya and extract this there are,…….but there is no,……

  25. Hi, there are some video files missing in Digital Tutors:Maya in Production. After the video “Width Guidelines” I have “Base Coverage”. So I’ve got the part where he starts to draw the front profile of the cartoon fish in “Width Guidelines” & then it starts with a model of the fish in “Base Coverage” where he’s going to add the clay.
    There is definitely a few video’s missing, but I haven’t skipped any.
    Please can someone help. It took me a LONG time to download all these files from Rapidshare.


  26. hi,
    great work thanks a lot,
    pls try to give complete Maya dynamics tutorials from experts cg artist

    i am waiting,

  27. Rigging Cartoon Vehicles in Maya – anyone have a link to the 4th disk part 3? The winRAR is requiring it to install.


    Any suggestions?

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