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40 comments on “3DYK Painter 3ds Max plugin (32/64bit)

  1. how to run it? installed and i didn’t noticed any changes in ui, even on side menu

    • you must install it in your stdplugins…it should show up somewhere next Help “YK Tools”…

  2. good work thank u for help u can go to the site and download fix

  3. This plugin is GREAT!! The only problem is that the material for the trees is the Arch & Design (mi) and is incompatible with Vray. Are there any solutions?

  4. C’mon guys…this is a free download!

    At least DL it from the creators own RS site so they get the credits!!!!!!!

    • Yeah it?s unfair!! is a very cool plug man! they deserves respect!!! god!!! GOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hi, i get an error
    –Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: Access to the path …….. /3dyk paint/tmp.mse’ is denied.

    could somebody help me???


  6. this is a real good plugin! thank’s a lot. It’s a taste of Maya Paint effect. I like! You are the best man! :)

  7. No wonder its a great plugin and still free. I have also seen the video demo from website. Very nice and simple user interface. I really appreaciate ur effort. Well Done……

  8. while i am creating random tree df with brush or in put mode it scatters both in the land and above.same with fill command. is that a bug?

  9. problem with previous issue that away by converting the system unit to inches from meters. is that the only solution.

  10. guys…i am having this problem. don’t know how to fix this.
    if my system unit is set for meter and painting “Ran. Tree df” – it gives me an abnormal result…all the elements of trees scatters vertically. But working with inch unit system solves the problem. any idea?

  11. I got the same problem too…

    ?Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: Access to the path ??.. /3dyk paint/tmp.mse? is denied.

  12. I have also got the same error message…
    ?Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: Access to the path ??.. /3dyk paint/tmp.mse? is denied.
    By the way I am using max 2010 in win7 OS. Can anybody help?

  13. for those who have an older version of Vray and try to use the this plug in with its standard material, search for a “standard–>vray material converter”…you just have to do some minor adjustments afterwards.
    I think this is the best free plug in !!!
    Thank you

  14. Hello:
    I get the same error : “?Runtime error: dotNet runtime exception: Access to the path ??.. /3dyk paint/tmp.mse? is denied.”

    Please give us a solution, looks this is a great tool but i can?t test it :(

  15. HEY:
    I could just fix this issue, BTW i am runing win7, and what you have to do is to give FULL control to all users to the 3dmax folder. It works now, still have to test it though.

  16. Why isn’t the 3DYK website link working ?! Lot of +ve comments on this, and it’s FREE ? Wow!

  17. No problem.It’s working very well with 2010 in Vray or Mental Ray.
    Just a little difference speed between Mr e Vray.

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  19. Estou usando win 7 64bits e max 64
    esta dando um erro
    macroScript YK_paint category:”YKtools”
    g = getdir #maxroot
    b = g + “stdplugs\3dyk paint\3dykmaxprotector.dll”
    dotNet.loadassembly b
    c = g + “stdplugs\3dyk paint\paint Effect Final.syk”
    a = dotnetobject “dyk_protector.dstart” c
    cr_obj =filein “$max/stdplugs/3dyk paint/tmp.mse”
    deletefile “$max/stdplugs/3dyk paint/tmp.mse”
    Heeeeeeeeeeelp me

  20. atefarchi

    Tank you
    valeu mesmo ajudou muinto

    Um abra?o meu e do brasil

  21. hi,

    i’m not sure this topic is actif but i’ve got a problem with 3dyk plugin.

    Some of file (some grass and other) couldn’t open. The error is :

    File open failed.

    Could you help me?

    sorry for my rly bad english


  22. i have no clue how to use this plug in. Can someone help me please.

  23. this plugin will defect and make rpoblem to your version of 3dsmax

  24. Hello… This pluggin looks great and light, but i?m having problems with the alpha channel, when I render the trees are there, but the leaves are all on rectangular green planes, with no alpha channel. Can somebody help me?

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