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Elegant, simple, fast interface that?s intuitive and easy to learn. Production ready for product, automotive and transportation visualization whether it?s for design review or for marketing communication imagery. Import, organize, paint, copy and vary your objects for visual decision making like never before. Presentation and decision based on stunning quality and realism has never been simpler. Render any shot or driving animation to photographic perfection on a single box or over hundreds of processors. Import large data bases and organize on the fly.
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3D-Coat 3.3.04 x32Bit & x64Bit

Voxel sculpting allows you sculpt without any topological constraints and make complex details from nothing! You can change topology as you wish. This approach gives you an absolute feeling of freedom in sculpting. It is not based on surface deformation but on volume building and filling. Feel like a true artist here, don’t think about polygons and structure, just express yourself as an artist!

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