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Hello everybody and welcome to the 58th issue of 3DCreative magazine. We have some new tutorials for you this month including an amazing new environment lighting series. The last issue featured the last chapter in our outdoor lighting series and this month we move on to an indoor scene. This series will be concentrating on the way natural and artificial light can be created for an amazing indoor scene that was created for us by Viktor Fretyán. For this new series we invite back some familiar faces and warmly welcome some great new artists. The series will be handled in four different pieces of software, Viktor Fretyán will be using 3DS Max and V-Ray, Jamie Cardoso 3DS Max and Mental ray, Luciano Iurino Maya and Mental Ray and Fredi Voss will be using Cinema 4D.


Advanced Modeling in 3ds Max

In this video series, modeling guru Alexander Gorbunov shows you how to apply some great modeling tricks in the creation of objects with some challenging features


IT is split into 4 different modules :
(Chair) Part I Video (166MB):

(Chair) Part II Video – (171MB):

(Light) Part III Video – (107MB):

(Twisted Object) Part IV Video – (87MB):