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In this series of lessons we will learn how to use the mocha for After Effects application to track objects and use that tracking data inside After Effects. mocha for After Effects is bundled with After Effects versions CS4 and later, so you might already have access to this powerful planer tracker.
We’ll begin this project by creating a new project and learning the basics of the mocha planar tracker. We’ll then learn how to bring that tracking data into after effects to do a sign replacement. We’ll then learn how to change the output of mocha for an easier integration into After Effects. Once that is done, we’ll learn about tracking with multiple layers in mocha and how to stabilize footage. We’ll finish by working through a few difficult to track clips and learn the variety of tools we have to tweak and edit tracks in


Greenworks Xfrog 3.5 Plant Bundle 15 CD Packs & Program & Plugins.
Greenworks Xfrog 3.5 Plant Bundle 15 CD Packs & Program & Plugins | 1.4Gb
Xfrog is a 3D graphics program, used for organic modeling and animation ( Xfrog Full Version only ), which runs on all flavors of Windows. We recommend minimum 256 Mb RAM, and hardware or software support for OpenGL.

The Philosophy behind Xfrog is to offer various mathematical procedural components, to provide a way to simulate various types of mathematical structures found in Nature. For example – a Tree component, which simulates the way real trees branch. A Phiball component, which simulates distribution of the golden mean across the surface of a sphere, which is commonly found in Flower centers ( such as the Sunflower above ).

With every major release of thinkingParticles new features are introduced, extending the power and flexibility of thinkingParticles by a magnitude, as compared to its predecessor. Release 4 represents a milestone in advancing the feature set.
Most of its new functionality was born out of the need for advanced technical effects that were required by several major block buster movie productions, such as: Roland Emmerich’s “2012” that was all about demolition and disaster, Director John Woo’s “Red Cliff” which had an epic ship battle of more than 4000 burning and crashing ships, and sequences in the movie GI Joe “Rise of the Cobra” that needed our development attention as well.

The x32 version only includes the x32 Physx Plugin. For x32, you must download both packages listed below. For x64 you only need to download the x64 package below.