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Dassault Systemes 3dvia Composer V6R2011 SP0 32bit | 365 Mb

Dassault Systemes 3dvia Composer V6R2011 SP0 32bit – A powerful professional application that provides creative designers all the tools needed to create interactive technical documents for engineered products.

3DVIA Composer allows the creation of technical illustrations, video and interactive 3D-objects, which not only provide better sensory information but also improve the quality of documentation. Using interactive and graphic elements can reduce the amount of the notes, thereby reducing costs for translation of texts in the issuance of documentation in multiple languages.
3DVIA Composer allows you to import 3D-data from the majority of modern CAD-PLM-systems and in their own formats or 3DXML. Imported objects are grouped together in an assembly on the basis of which can be formed specification. The developed interactive tutorials can be saved in the form of compact EXE-files with integrated viewer free 3DVIA Player, so that they can be opened on any computer without using any pre-established CAD-systems. Projects 3DVIA Composer can also be saved in various standard formats such as PDF, HTML, SVG, CGM, 3DXML, AVI, Microsoft Office, etc., which allow to use graphics and multimedia objects 3DVIA Composer even in the traditional text documents. Thus, with the advent of 3DVIA Composer fading inefficient and time-consuming methods for creating documents, eliminates the need for costly professional services (photographers, illustrators), reduces the cost of documentation, while enhancing the quality of the presentation and perception of the material.

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