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[center][b][Modo] Create Exterior & Interior Architectural Scene[/b]
English | 1280 x 720 mov (MPEG4) 542 Kbps 16:9 | AAC 113 Kbps | 2.38 GB
[i]Genre: Video training[/i][/center]
In these video tutorials how to create from scratch the architectural scene of the Villa with swimming pool , with subsequent adjustment of materials and visualization of internal renderer . By step-by- step sequence , creates a plan for building , external and internal models of its content, materials , and configures a sufficiently high-quality images.

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In this series of lessons we’ll learn how to use the Interactive Creative Environment inside Softimage to create particle effects. We built this course for people who have never touched ICE because it’s such a powerful system that users of other applications find very useful.
We’ll begin this project by learning the basic concepts behind ICE such as the main uses of ICE, the basic workflow of ICE and how ICE nodes work together. We’ll then learn about the various data types and the importance of context while working in ICE. Once we understand the ideas behind ICE, we will take a few lessons to familiarize ourselves with the Softimage interface. Then we will begin building a particle simulation from the ground up and learn about various ICE nodes and workflows. We’ll finish by rendering out an image sequence of our finished particle simulation. This series of lessons was designed to launch someone who has never touched Softimage into being comfortable with the interface and working with ICE. This will allow us to create particle simulations in ICE quickly and easily and begin exploring this powerful platform.


[center][b]Massive Black Cryptcrawler Concept Art[/b]
English | 1280×720 H264 MP4 15fps 835kbps | Mp3-29kbps | 1.86 GB
[i]Genre: Video training[/i][/center]

[center][url=]Home page[/url][/center]In this 4.5 hour beast of a tutorial, artist Brad Rigney (Cryptcrawler) takes a rough thumbnail idea and carries it all the way through to it’s beautiful and highly polished finish. The demonstration begins with Brad talking about his initial idea and then painting in the background. It then shifts gears with a separate mini-tutorial where he clearly demonstrates the specific techniques which he uses throughout the rest of the tutorial.
During the rest of the video Brad openly shares his process while adding a healthy dose of wisdom, common sense, and humor.

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