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e-on software – Vue 8.5 xStream x32Bit & x64Bit

Vue 8 xStream offers professional CG artists a complete toolset for creating and rendering exceptionally rich and realistic natural environments in 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D and Softimage.

Access all the power of the world’s leading 3D Digital Nature solution directly from within your favorite application. Create and edit beautifully detailed natural environments using your application’s standard manipulators.

Render everything together inside 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D or Softimage, with full interaction between Vue and native elements, including 2-way mutual shadow casting, reflection, refraction and GI.

New in Vue 8.5:-

Vue 8 xStream provides a unique, unmatched solution for creating and integrating high quality natural scenery into any professional production pipeline, from architectural visualization to broadcast and film.

Unlimited Material Painting

The material painting tool lets you paint distribution maps with any arbitrary number of materials. Easily add new materials to create extremely detailed distributions.

Toggle material masks to constrain painting of other materials inside existing distribution maps.

Material masks are now handled independently from the rest of the material, so you can rescale materials or use any type of coordinates without affecting the distribution.

New Sculpting Tools

Vue 8.5 introduces 4 powerful new sculpting brushes: Pinch, Flatten, Plateau and UniSlope.

The Pinch brush brings the terrain features closer together, while the Flatten, Plateau and UniSlope brushes let you accurately control the slope of your terrains.

Zone Extraction

With Vue 8.5 you can extract a specific area of a procedural terrain with just one click! Simply select a zone and convert it to a separate procedural terrain.

This is ideal to create customized textures on specific areas.

Sculpt from References

You can now apply a bitmap to a terrain, and then view this bitmap inside the Terrain Editor as you sculpt the terrain.

This feature is particularly useful when recreating a terrain based on real world photo references.

It is also now possible to reset 2D and 3D sculpting independently – this feature is also available in the free Vue 8.4 update.

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e-on software – Vue 8.5 xStream x32Bit & x64Bit

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4.6Gb | AVI | 1280×800 | 3h 40min
Animation of transformer
Software: 3D’s max, Vray, Photoshop, Combustion
with project files (3d’s max scenes, textures and sequence)









ArchiCAD 14 continues delivering productivity improvements for architects throughout the full cycle of the BIM workflow with a specific focus on completing the integration of the architectural workflow with the engineering world.
Great architecture requires collaboration of all design disciplines. Architects have a central role in coordinating all aspects of their design with other disciplines during the entire design process. ArchiCAD 14 turns IFC technology into full-fledged workflow solutions enabling collaboration with engineers regardless of their discipline or the name and version of the application they prefer working with. This “open” approach to interdisciplinary collaboration greatly broadens designers’ options for real Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) resulting in faster delivered projects and significantly less coordination errors.