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38 comments on “3ds Max Modeling Dodge Charger 4 DVD tutorial

  1. Thank you. Any change of a torrent.

    Really appreciated. Thanks


    Its Dodge modelling tutorial dont you read? what pirate ships?

  3. in the second picture there are two ships, but it is a cgpersia logo prehaps…

  4. Well I guess my tutorial was finally released to the public lol.
    I want to juts give you all a heads up. I stopped selling this thing a while back and that’s because this is mainly a starting point now. Here I teach you all just the basics and some parts I would of loved to redo from the start.
    Also, FYI, in the first couple half’s I was dumb and used a modified called “Tesellete” or something, Use connect instead, you wont need to remove useless polies lol.
    Anyhow, Enjoy guys, Cant really try to fight anything at this point lol.

    • hi sir me from india i needed tutorials of the interiors of the “dodge changer” send me the blueprints in model it plss waiting for u r reply ……..

  5. Haha yeah no worries, I cant believe somebody did all that uploading though, that’s a shitload of work. I put it on megavideo a while back but even then the quality was compressed and low file sizes, if somebody went through all this trouble to upload it all then you guys deserve it haha.

  6. Shame its for V8 of max this is soooooooooooooo old. But at least ReStar hasn’t got upset about his material being ripped off.

  7. If they uploaded what they got in the mail then yes. Everything should be included. It would be on CD 1. There is a folder called Reference.

    And about the being upset, not really, I knew it would come sooner or later; And since the material is so old, I wouldn’t even sell it. I threw this stuff up on megaupload about a year ago, just to lazy to do high res upload haha.

  8. Hey redstar — cheers mate! PM me on the forum or something if you’re planning on releasing a new series…I’m interested in buying it :)

  9. I was thinking about it. But its just a hassle because I have grown quite a bit since I made that tutorial and my level of professionalism has improved. At this point it would take me a lot of time to get the sound quality as professional as I want and then I would need to edit all of video to not have useless information as these charger tutorials have lol.

  10. Does it matter if it’s in Max 8 or not? Modeling is modeling and any tutorial is as useful as you make it. It’s all polygons after all.

    Thanks RedStar. Great work.

  11. Hi all …. Guys Would you please Share all those BluePrints shown in Video ?

    I mean Interior , Exterior , Dashboard , Console , …..

    plz ???

  12. Could someone please upload DVD 4 to fileserve,
    Thank you very much in advance.

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