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23 comments on “DOSCH HDRI – Nature V1

    • WTF amin? Get jdownloader and buy a $9 a month hotfile account. This package downloads at > 3MB/s.

      • This shit got to 97% and dropped out. And fuck paying, that’s not what I come here to do.

        • And bitching & moaning like a kid who’s dropped his icecream is ?

          just pay the damn money for a premium hotfile account… It’s $9 a month… no need really to bitch and whine over how crap hotfile is… just pay the damn premium and be happy someone is actually taking the time to upload stuff you can download for “almost free” for the $9 you get 1 Month Unlimited Downloading & 100Gb Hot/Direct Linking

          so its really not as crap as you seem to believe.

    • Torrents? Jeez man, I abandoned torrents like … 3 years ago. At least. Stop whining and go look for torrents on mininova or piratebay if those sites still exist anyway.

  1. Thank you soo much, been looking for this recently!!
    I can’t understand why people complaint so much with hotfile, just need to be patient and reset your router after downloading each part, in order to move on without that waiting period.
    Thank you once again and keep on coming these treasures! =)

    • wish I could reset the IP of my router. I’m with Virgin cable in the UK, and I have tried everything I’ve read on the internet to no avail. But otherwise I agree with your statement, doesn’t JDownloader automatically do all that for you if you set it up properly?

      • That’s an issue on some internet service providers, static IP and not dynamic (mine’s dynamic). To be honest, the only download manager i use is megamanager for megaupload links. That’s why i do not wish to move to cable net here where i live…

  2. why not but stuff in one or two files or use magaupload or better yet multiupload..100 meg parts bahhhh…puny humans!!!!

    • There’s a reason for that. Spreading in several files allows more bandwith when downloading for some people i think and, with larger files (1000MB or more), the probability of download failure (due to connection’s off, etc) is bigger that just downloading 100MB parts.

    • guess not all have 17mps or morer download speeds…like us at the lab here…today we will test a new gamma bomb system..very heady stuff..wish me luck guys..

  3. Thanks a lot man . really appreciate your efforts. and for everyone else. please stop crippling about small small things . This person shared this file and its too much. just stop complaining and enjoy the post.

  4. comon man,cant we pay a little
    hotfile account 60 bux for 1 year….
    to the ppl bitching about hotfile
    if you guys spend more time refining your skills and less time bitching, soon you’ll start getting real jobs in this industry that pays well, and who knows maybe you can afford to buy the legit copy one day. Then when you get a legit copy, spend the next week uploading it on hotfile rapidshare torrents
    Then you can stop those ppl like UR self from bitch right?

  5. All links dead..Anyone pls reup.. Also, been looking for this! Anyone found it?

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