15 comments on “ImagineFX – The Ultimate Workshop Collection DVD

  1. No mention of this on the main website, is this the 2010 version instead. http://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/content/lp/imaginefx/

  2. are these any different than the ones available on the website for free download??

    • jus the same as the one on the site, nothing like 2011 , i repeat nothing like 2011 its 2010

  3. Thx for making me save time instead of having everything dowloaded from official website…that’s usefull when a CG artist knows the amount of knowledge he has to scour the web.
    Keep up the good work

  4. 1st part is corrupt, it’s only 183.0Mb and others are 201.2Mb
    Kindly reupload correct file……..

  5. Thanks CG Persia! 😀

    Part 1 is not corrupt. That’s its normal size.
    I don’t now how they zipped it, but it works normal.

    With all the files downloaded run TEST option on WinRAR and check it out 😉

  6. I downloaded most part of zips, but I cant download 02 and 04…

    they just kept saying that this ip is already downloading the files and

    parallel download is not allowed, which I didnt do…

    is there any ways that I can download these 2 files?


  7. Can you please reupload it using FILESERVE.COM or UPLOADED.TO
    Thank you very much in advanced.

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