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20 comments on “Photo-realistic Male Model + 2 Hour Video Tutorial

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    • Dude,

      Do you even know ANYTHING about Lightwave? I have used it since Toaster (beta) days. I am ALSO using Maya XSI and Houdini for the past 7 years or so.

      Each one of those apps have their strong points. ONLY a “fool” would bad-mouth an app to hide their ignorance of that product. An “intelligent” person would use various tools to achieve what they are after. You chose which of those camps that you want to be in.

      Bottom line; If it is good for James Cameron to use on his Academy Award winning movies, It IS good for me!

      Nuff said!

    • I do, and any one out of the me-too bandwagon at least respects its power. Go try rendering such high-quality images out of your bloated and molasses-slow Mental Ray and IF you succeed come back here with your lame trash talk about what you don’t understand, Autodesk fanboy.

  1. oh no….

    it’s laightwave!

    why you don’t say what program this tutorial is for huh?

  2. i think people must be more professional maya 3dsMax lightwave softimage C4d Houdini…. are tools to help you saving you ass when you are in production i am working right now on huge arch viz project(lots buildings trees etc…) on maya (im working on maya since maya 5 ), need to be rendered in full HD and impossible to render in mental ray cos of memory error i transfered the project on lightwave on the same machine and it rendred the same scene on full HD radiosity etc… in only 2 mn.
    i am not saying that a software is better than others but every artist or studio uses the tool that fit their needs. you dont have to by a boeing 747 to carry 10 people… so

  3. Please people don’t thing about lightwave as a not professional or high level software. Before to give a judgement about something is not known better to be informed.
    LW was used in Cinema production since a lot and more than 3dsmax in the past years and today too. About modeling is and ever been impressive with its metanurbs and polymodeling tools. and about rendering quality is one of the better and in it grown plugins that are used now and olny now in other great softwares u mentioned (XSI,3dsmax, MAya etc) for example the fur plugins many of those kind grown to beat the sasquatch plug by worley ( that was the top in absolute

    • to do a pratic example even this spot was done in Lightwave:
      sorry my bad english

  4. all people who thinks one software is better than the other are just a bunch of ****. first and foremost no matter what the video is designed for, the basic principles behind it are the same, they may change the names of the tools but they are always the same in its foundation. if someone can’t get past the barrier of ‘tools’, only means they don’t know the ‘idea’. pff

  5. For those who regret on LightWave or Maya or Max or C4D, or whatever, let me tell you the software doesn?t make the good CG Art, is the artist who knows how to use the goods of the software who makes the CG Art…. First Learn this and then you can go on on your CGI Carrer

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