20 comments on “Speed vs. Quality in Vray (Gnomonology)

  1. What program is it? Standalone Vray?
    I can not find the standalone Vray (with GPU render) for download with crack…

    • Vray is a plugin renderer for max/maya/cinema4D … vray 2.0 is the GPU version but not standalone πŸ˜›

    • vray standalone? what are you talking about? there’s no such thing πŸ™‚

    • GPU Render? that’s still being researched by scientists. The quality of GPU render VS CPU Render is very low. CPU Render is far better (at the moment) than GPU.

  2. guys you seem to be confused … this is tutorial on working with vray … vray 2.0 got gpu component implemented and there already was vray rt for some time now which is gpu mutation of vray algorhitms quailty if measure of aproach to the software so the only thing v-ray rt or vray 2.0 gpu is limited by is amount of gpu memory

  3. http://rapidshare.com/files/151548098/MAX_speed_vs_quality_in_vray.part1.rar

    • i have some troubles with rapidshare ;@
      for the people:

  4. I cant download it either from rapidshare hofile please help?
    thanks in advance

  5. No more2 files to download….
    Someone can re-upload please.
    thanks a lot

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