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16 comments on “The Gnomon Workshop – Introduction to Maxon BodyPaint 3D

  1. i prefer 3d coat for my paint-work ….anyway, I’ll watch this BodyPaint 3D Tut too. Thanks 4 Share.

  2. Why is it a double up here?…

  3. New fileserve mirror:

  4. Thanks Tato. I am a poor guy and their’s no other way for me to learn the softwares other than this. Thanks again for helping a poor guy.

  5. for anyone working at gnomon reading this:

    we all get to download these things sooner or later. I go to one of the top 5 art schools in the country, and E V E R Y O N E of the students here even the poor ones would purchase your tutorials if they were cheaper. think smarter and lower the prices. We at school would all like to think that sharing knowledge is what we artists in the industry do. I know you have to make a profit, but not that much. its recording material on a computer, it takes only time and software plus the electricity to run everything, not so much physical labor. if someone could lower these prices, you would have so many more customers.

    thankyou, have a nice day. and again, you have provided us with alot at gnomon, but just a little too expensive, make your prices justifiable from the consumer end.

  6. This tutorial is one of the WORST ever made not just by Gnomon, but by any company. I love BodyPaint and usually like Gnomon tutorials but this is really, REALLY bad. Almost as bad as the “Making of Dirge” also by Gnomon.

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