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19 comments on “VFX Master – Allan McKay Speaks Visual FX in New york

  1. He izzz truly amazing video is the best! Love to see more of this!!

  2. Are the hotfile and torrent the same file?
    Could i feed torrent wirh hotfile files?

  3. Yah I got both they are the same so yes you can.
    Cool video I learned a lot!!

    You can watch it here on youtube its even HD. I learned a few things :)

  5. youtube one aspect ratio is all jacked up, this is much better quality imho

  6. I really don’t get the fuzz about this guy..Sure, he ain’t ‘bad’, but to me it seems he’s got all the technical skills but lack any real eye for it.
    Then again I guess that’s why he’s running around everywhere talking about vfx insted of being busy doing it ;-)

    • Seriously. How many times can this guy do the same talk about intro to Fume. Everyone knows fume at this point.

  7. its a demo you can’t really show that much in 45 minutes technique wise, I’ve done talks too – can’t really just sit there and say this will sim for 5 days now lets wait..

    guys worked on 2012, superman returns, last airbender, he’s won a lot of awards for his shit

  8. Sorry bro i’ve worked with that Mackay guy at ILM a while back, he’s the real deal. Fume is just a popular topic, we’re even using it unofficially at disney. He’s probably covering it pretty thorough.

    Don’t be such a hated :P j/k

  9. I’ve known and worked with the guy personally, definitely not a master compared to the other technical guys and talks so much shit it’s hilarious.

  10. Didn’t mean to come off as a hater or anything, formulated myself poorly. Sorry about that.
    The guy should have giant kudos for sharing his knowledge in the 11 million or so tutorials and stuff they guy has written/recorded and so on.

  11. also worked with him…..Talks a loooootttt of shit. A lot……..and ofcourse Fume is a popular topic…which is my point. How many times do we need to see “intro to fume” It’s used everywhere and it’s easy as fuck to use because it works so well. Students are the only ones impressed with this crap. You can spot it a mile away.

  12. comm on guys, I’m sick of Allan
    he is talking about tools, he actually has just a basic knowledge about !!!
    this whole video is just time wasting.

    he is doing basic tutorials, thats right, but he talks like he was the best guy ever.
    everyone who worked with him once knows better!

  13. I think he knows his stuff in a high professional level but I hate it that all his tuts are mainly for beginners even when they’re titled as “advanced”.

  14. i dunno with which A.McK. you worked, but this guy know his stuff. He work so fast without even precaching for particle control, that renting his expertise is worth every penny. If I was him, I too would not share all my knowledge to be pirated here, like the Joe Scarr and Goran did with TP4…

    • I love how he always says he has worked with every software. Yet he never shows it. “Hey look! pflow and fume again!” Seriously, if you don’t know fume by’re retarded. It’s the easiest software to use – which makes it so great ofcourse, but this guy needs to get over himself. Seriously? head shots? seriously?

  15. I’ve watched his tutorial DVDs and they were crap. The problem isn’t just that they were very basic. He was trying settings at random, giving completely made-up (and wrong) descriptions of what each parameter does, cutting the video to hide his mistakes, etc. Really, really bad stuff.

    Maybe he’s improved a lot since then, but it’s pretty clear from his DVDs (made in 2008, I think) that he was a hack. Still not as bad as Matt Leonard, but no one is as bad as Matt Leonard.

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