48 comments on “VRay – The Complete GUIDE — SECOND EDITION

  1. By the way i have Optic fibre connection since today, but the max DL speed from HotFile is 400 KB/s. Damn slow,,, what do you think ?

    • It´s quite possible the hotfile bandwidth only allows that speed to free users no matter what conection u have. It depends on their servers.

  2. Thanks man, great share!!!
    BTW PhilCoraz I use jDownloader to download from hotfile and I max out my connection. Try that.

  3. hi maybe sounds stupid but do you still have captcha when u buy a hotfile account?

    • If you not logged then you get captcha to disable auto download App.

      • farken hotfile are wankers. Captchas are the shittest things….EVAR.

  4. I want to buy original because it affordable to me and i only download software that i can’t afford to buy.

  5. what’s the difference of this book from the first vray book?, does it included the vray2 settings? does anybody downloaded it already?

  6. The 2nd Edition contains a New Chapter called Vray Updates & its updated to Vray 1.5 SP3 not to Vray 2.0 unfortunately..

  7. سلام.این ورژن 2 هم توش هست؟

    hi . thanks….have this book VRAY 2?????

  8. If you think that Legrenzi upgrade the entire book to v2.0, you are crazy 😉

  9. Hi
    Links deleted.
    Anyone could reUpload http://hotfile.com/dl/93783323/54a16e4/DVD.part06.rar.html

  10. where are the chapter 1,2,6 & 8 in the video????

    so this is not complete version…. Thankz anayway………..

  11. Damn! I was really keen to get real book (I hate reading PDF books), but when I find out that real one cost 115 € I kind of change my mind… I think that I’ll download this PDF, and If I’ll have money, I’ll buy original…

  12. what’s different between this and this:

  13. well i got it on and i hope the dont cut it
    download fast

    • Not anymore, I’m afraid. I got the first 3 parts, but not the second 3…

  14. All the links are unfortunatly dead!!! could you reseed? please? 😉

  15. Finally found good, working copies at Demonoid:


    DVD content:

    • Unfortunately, we can’t download the torrent, because we don’t have an account at Demonoid. (and it’s not easy to get an account there.

  16. please some one can re/update the all files? please guys i need this for study re-up please

  17. please give me the new links for V-ray Guide Complete. The links u given are not working

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