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29 comments on “RayFire Tool plugin 1.55 for 3ds Max 2009 ? 2011

  1. That was fast – thanks for the upload! Any chance of a bitshare/hotfile/other link of some kind? Fileserve and Filesonic seem to block the entire IP range I’m in.

    • you have krakatoa! i think you van do the same sort of things with it, and more!

      • Thanxs Gothell !!
        I’ll find out more about that “krakatoa”.

      • Krakatoa is a tool for rendering particle systems and it’s a 3DSMax only plugin.

    • xplode is probably the closest thing for cinema, silverbullet is also very good, if a little complex.

  2. I believe that is the Beta version which doesnt work very well? Dynamic objects dont fall etc.

  3. Why cracking the software that doesn’t need crack ?
    Developer was kind enough that this version besides a popup window that says “not for commercial use” ,doesn’t contain any limitations

    So i find this release a little unappropriate.

  4. i installed it but it’s bug ll time i used 3ds max design 2010 x64
    should it work with????????

  5. i don’t understand the no. 3 of the install process.


    what is this? and how can i achieve this?

  6. Hello, i want to install this one, but at the installpage where you have to select the 3dsmax path, all of the boxes are inactive :(

    What shall i do?

  7. For everyone has the error message of: ?MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception?” “Unable to convert: undefined to type: Filename.
    Error Fixed:
    If you are running 3ds max design version like me the program doesn’t realize that and doesn’t allow you to change the installation address and consequently it copies all the files in a folder with a name like 3ds max 2010, and because you are using the “3ds max design 2010” version you can’t use it and will receive the above error. You need to simply copy all the file in the correct folder and confirm the replace message.
    Good Luck

  8. dear
    i want to dl this plugin from iran but the link is filter
    can u change the server?
    example :

    tnx a lot

  9. Hi links are broken, could you send me another to email? I really need it.

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