21 comments on “Xfrog 5 for CINEMA 4D R12 & R13 Win/Mac

  1. awesome. works perfectly. no fuss. if only all posts are this painless. . . mille grazie indeed to this NOMAD, CG Blogger.

  2. I have not yet installed because the instruction say it is a trial ver. Is this true? If not is there a KEY or is it a crack? Or does it just work without anything? I never have any trouble with he Nomad stuff but since I already have this for Maya 12 just checking before I install in c4d.

  3. I Have get trial from Xfrg.inc,
    this “Xfrog5_R12_R13_WINMAC_MUS3_CGP.rar” is same trial.
    So,I suppose the uploaded persons did just repacked the trial from Xfrg.inc.

    Uploader should enclose a crack or KEY !!!!!!

  4. My import plugin is not working…some ideas? (osx 10.6.8)
    The plug works ok, but it don´t import .xrf and at the preferences panel the import options for Xfrog 3.x is blank. Some help please.

  5. It’s working here. But, as it don’t needed a crack , I think sugasuga is right. The only problem is “the about xfrog” says this version is the 4.3

  6. Do anyone in here know the proper workflow how to export animated xfrog stuff to Vue from Cinema?
    The objects works like a charm but don’t really get how to do the animations.
    Sure it works if I do the Xtream thingy within Cinema but I really like to know how to do the other way around aswell!

  7. Man !!!!, how about a fucking copy for 3ds max you wonkers !!!!!
    who the hell uses c4d lol !!!

    • Hei Hujec, you are the only one here that doesnt know how to use Cinema4d, i use max too, ahhhhhhhhh.

  8. eeer…is there a crack for this or not?

    And WHY has no one answered that???


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