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27 comments on “Quadspinner Master Class LA – Vuegen Edition

  1. you should set up some sorta anonymous donation fund for yourself so we can thank you :) it’s amazing!

  2. thankyou ironboy.
    the tutor in this vue tutorials. good artist. but bad in teaching. everytime I try to learn some serious lesson from geekatplay vue tutorials. it just feel god dame sleepy…Zzzz…….

  3. Hi Ironbaby,
    we watch you very carefully. Once our lawyers made it and we get the IPs from megaupload, we will know who you are. Take care! ;)
    see you later

    • You know Mordor, how could we possibly get our hands on these classes otherwise, especially when all of this stuff was taught by author himself during two evets in USA and Canada I think. Not all of people who want to learn Vue actually are from States or can afford to pay entry fee to that events. And don’t get me started about availability of such materials in some parts of the world.
      My opinion in this case is, that if someday I start to make money from stuff I learned thanks to cgp posts, I will be seriously considering to buy the original tutorials to credit their authors and in that time it will be definitely much more possible for me to actually buy the stuff.

      • I don’t think it’s just a story for many of us here, unfortunately. Especially regarding the availability issue.

        • Shit, ignore that.. I thought it was mordor who was replying :-D
          And thanks again for this great upload.

  4. Se ve muy bueno el tutorial.

    Muchas Gracias por el aporte


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