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RealFlow is a stand-alone fluid simulation software which can be used in conjunction

with all main 3D platforms to create flawless large and small-scale fluids quickly and easily.












Duration 5h ?Difficulty Level Intermediate ?Project Files Included

What you will learn
In this set of 3ds Max tutorials we will learn how to rig and animate a boss for a video game.

What are the steps that go into creating a control rig and a sequence of animations for a game
boss, and how do we export all of this data our for a game engine like Unity? These are the topics
that we will cover in this course.

We’ll start by creating a skeleton for our boss asset. We’ll then cover time-saving skinning
techniques and learn how to set up control objects. We’ll learn how to keep the entire rig clean
and animator-friendly. We’ll also learn how to set up systems to automate certain movements that
will help to enhance our animations!

To conclude the tutorial, we will learn how to approach animating various sequences of our game
boss before exporting all of our work for use in Unity. By the end of this tutorial, you will have
the skill-set to rig and animate your own game boss.