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Duration 2h 6m Level Intermiate Project Files Included 15FPS MP4 1.2GB

In this series of MODO tutorials, we are going to go through the process of building and detailing a fantasy war hammer using MODO.

When building 3D assets, the ability of your computer to manipulate those objects is limited, especially when dealing with very high resolution meshes. Because of this, we use 2D images, like normal maps, to simulate the high resolution detail in a way that we can more easily use. We’ll begin by building the base geometry for our weapon in MODO. Once the base geometry is modeled, we will use MODO’s sculpting tools to created some high-resolution detail.

Then we will talk about creating the low resolution mesh along with its UV layout. To finish up, we will generate maps for the color and specularity before viewing our game weapon in Marmoset Toolbag.

When finished, you will have a better understanding of the workflow involved in building and sculpting high resolution props and set pieces with MODO and creating useable assets from them.




Duration 6h 52m Level Intermediate Project Files Included 15FPS MP4 4.51GB

In this series of tutorials, we will learn how to create a holiday broadcast opener in a full
pipeline from CINEMA 4D to After Effects path using CINEWARE as a bridge between softwares.

We begin by modeling and texturing our assets in CINEMA 4D as an introduction to the software for
people who are wanting to try this new software that now comes with their After Effects Creative
Cloud subscription.

After finishing our asset creation in CINEMA 4D, we move onto our compositing in After Effects.
We work back and forth between the two software using cameras, lights, and adding compositing
tags to the CINEMA 4D project to achieve our desired look in After Effects. We reach a point that
we need to do a pre-render of the CINEMA 4D aspects of the project, but after the render is
complete, we continue to composite on top of the render with lightning speed.

This tutorial will give you a complete insight into the pipeline that is possible with CINEWARE.
If you have experience in After Effects and want to begin experiencing the power of CINEMA 4D
that you now have, this is the course for you. Watch and learn how to begin your journey of
becoming a compositor and a 3D artist.