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787mb Duration 1h 56m Difficulty Level Beginner Project Files Included

Software used
NUKE 7.0v6

What you will learn
In this set of NUKE tutorials, we will learn all the tools within the RotoPaint node. We start
out with a simple overview of all the tools within the RotoPaint node and then move towards
more in-depth explanations as we progress through the training.

We learn the different Brush tools and how to control the way we paint with stroke settings.
We learn how to keep our Properties Bin organized with folders containing all the strokes of
the RotoPaint node and how to merge multiple RotoPaint nodes together when just using folders
for organization isn’t enough. We then move onto learning how to make the things we paint move
with the footage by using Trackers and Transform nodes.

We also learn about the more simple rotoscoping features that the RotoPaint node has to offer.
We even learn a couple of nodes that work well in addition to the RotoPaint that make the
RotoPaint node integrate better with live action footage. This course is for you if you want
to learn how to paint with live action footage, and how to easily make your painting move with
the footage you choose.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll not only be comfortable using the RotoPaint node but you
might find yourself painting things in NUKE for fun.