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Duration 4h 19m ?Difficulty Level Advanced ?Project Files Included ?2.04GB

In this training we are going to create a transforming vehicle. A car capable of both driving and

We will begin by fully building the vehicle from the body right down to the thrusters sitting on
its back. We will then apply a complete set of UVs which will enable you to bake key textures, as
well as paint dirt and details to bring it to life.

Once the car is built and colored we will then look at creating a simple rig to show the
transformation. Then finally apply advanced shaders like car paint, chrome, and glass.

What we hope to show you with this tutorial is that creating any vehicle, be that a car a van or
a plane, with a simple rig, doesn’t need to be a complicated task.

By the end of this tutorial you will have mastered the basic skills needed to build, texture,
animate and shade a complex vehicle. Skills which you can then improve and expand upon as you
work on many future projects.





Duration 3h 33m Project Files Included Maya 2013 1.76GB


What you will learn
This series of Maya tutorials takes you through the animation workflow of a dialogue-driven
acting scene – from planning out the performance and creating reference materials, through
blocking and animating the character in 3D.

We’ll discuss why solid and thorough planning prior to starting animation is important and why
working in a particular order is beneficial to the quality and speed of the overall project.

By the end of this training you will have a clear understanding of how to quickly and cleanly
get the best performance possible into your character.

Guest Tutor
Ron Friedman