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34 comments on “Vray For C4D v1.8 Win/Mac

  1. Its not working in R14 or R15 , AFTER INSTALING Vray program crashes at launch

  2. Works fine for me…just tested it with C4D R15 and Win 7 x64 Ultimate. Absolute flawless and no crashes.

    Just wonder how to set up Distributed Rendering?!

    • Could u tell us how to install it ?
      I generated the VrayBridge.key to c4d main folder than copied the whole vray bridge folder to c4d plugin folder .
      By the way My OS IS WINDOW 8

      • how can one create this vraybridge.key? (I’m on a MAC)
        i got bridge, libs and tools folder.

  3. Mac file can’t get it unpacked….telling me is corrupt…anyone same problem?

  4. No R13 support?
    Keep getting an error “vray_stuff.dll not found”…

  5. It’s work fine for me, I’m in R14, the xforce keygen.exe is in the mac version download :)
    You must be in “Win 64”

    Pack with filefactory is fine

    So, good luck guys….

  6. Hi,
    see the link it’s for vray 1.2 but the same method with 1.8

  7. Not working for cinema4d r15. It crashes on start up. Any idea how to fix this? :/

  8. hi guys… when i downloaded the macOS.rar file… i unzziped and there is a vray.exe i mean wtf! it supposed to be a .dmg not a .exe

    anyone has the MacOS version complete? anyone?

  9. when you select the vray render on the setup render the vray bridge don’t open…don’t give any message, only simple stay on the standard render engine.

  10. Is there a way to get the multipass tab to show in the render settings?

  11. Its not working in R14 or R15 , AFTER INSTALING Vray crash my c4d.

    Need a solution!!!!!


  12. freeinzing my c4d r14 and the r15 after installation!!!

    Need a solution!!!!!


  13. freeinzing my c4d r15 after installation!!! (window 7 pro)

    Need a solution!!!!!


  14. Guys with MAC .. This is how to Install:

    Download torrent:
    (only for the Xray Key)

    And download the Vray 1.8 mac on this site.

    Follow the instructions on this video..

    Use the Vray Bridge and Vray Libs -> Vray 1.8
    Use the Xray keygen from the torrent!

    Have fun!! This worked for me with the C4D R15

  15. Thanks ” F “.

    Thanks to your instructions! With them I have solved mi issue!


  16. Hey guys. Please, please help.
    Does this version work with Windows 8?
    I have the update & that doesn’t seem to help.

    Please can somebody upload a txt step by step

    Most grateful for anybody help pleaaase

  17. Hello guys
    i have a problem when i download the files the when i want extract the file by zip or winrar

    the vray keygen(vray for c4D.exe) hidden and delete ! and i didn’t find it in files !

    my program Version is C4D R15
    and Windows 8 !!


  18. Hi guys for those looking for help I can help you install it on both r14 and r15.But understand that on windows 8 it might not work, I tried before and it wasn’t working which why I rolled back to win7.If you have windows 7 and still can’t make it work let me know i will try to help as much as I can

  19. I have a mac but this metod not work for me…C4D does not see the keygen…i return to 1.2.6 version at the moment

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