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5 comments on “Rhinoceros 5 SR7 Candidate Win32/Win64

  1. 7 service releases? That’s either a really eager dev team or a sign that Rhino is still an unstable pile of cack.

  2. Rhino is a pile of crap at everything.
    It s only good for wannabee amateurs.
    horrible surfaces with no quality whatsoever.

    That s why it costs 1000$, unike the real things which cost $50k +.
    It s SHIT!

  3. You guys obviously dont know much about 3d . Rhino is best software for architectural purposes. And it has a plugin that no 3d software nowdays can measure up , which is grasshopper , and obviously you dont know neither .

    • Don’t know much about 3d? I’ve worked for multinational companies as a 3d animator, I’ve worked in cinema and television advertising as well as product design. I eat, sleep, breath and crap 3d. I own 15-20k worth of workstation class computers for my personal projects. What are your credentials?

      Rhino is not even close to being the best software for architectural design (Ever heard of Autocad or Revit?). There are alternatives to Grasshopper, the best of those being the tools you script yourself. Rhino is a pile of unstable cack. It’s days are numbered.

      • Wel Im actually 3d artist and architect with a long experience internacional (london ,spain brazil ) in 3d max , rhino , autocad , microstation . HAve you ever heard about parametric modeling? have you ever heard about grasshopper ?.MAy be you master another better software for those purposes .but Iseriously doubt it . I remember working in Foster&Partners ,one of the most important and bigest architectural practices around the world for three years , I use to challenge and give some 3d lessons to the “special modelling group department ” with this “pile of sheet ” as you call it .Funny because they were of the same opinion of you besides I put them in akward position several times XD. Im sorry but the way you underrate this powerful software just reveals your ignorance .

  4. This is not who’s done what, and who’s computer is the most expensive forum, but many (I mean MANY) serious industrial designers (like me), naval architects (well, like me also!), architects and different kinds of creative people around the world uses Rhino every day and have really good results. Rhino is cheap, stable, easy to master, yet it produces good quality surfaces, can handle biiig data, is highly customisable, has tens of pro-level functionalities with plugins & scipting and so on. My friends, you should get used to the fact that Rhino’s days are not numbered, it’s far from it. It has never been this popular and strong.. Of course only time will tell, but I suggest that you computer genuises start taking this “pile of shit” a bit more serious, because, well, you never know :)

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