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Duration 3h 2m Level Intermediate Project Files Included 15FPS MP4 1.08GB

When designing enemies for a game, often times many of the exact same type of creature is needed but
they each need to look and feel like they are unique.

These minion-style bad guys can be tedious to create and take up a lot of time in the design process
unless you can implement a system that uses some kind of template to assist with the concepts. In this
tutorial we will walk through creating a template for a specific type of zombie for our fictional game.

We will start off by examining the needs of the project and setting some parameters to work within.
From here we will dive in and begin to create a bare bones template for an average build male zombie in
one of the classes specified by our game document. After sketching him out and adding some quick color,
we will quickly dive into how we can create different iterations of the same zombie that each look
totally different.

After going through this training, you will not only have learned how to draw and paint zombies but
also a process that can be adapted for literally any minion style enemy where each requires a level of




Duration 3h 21m Level Advanced Project Files Included 15FPS MP4 1.73GB

In this MODO tutorial we will learn about modeling techniques in MODO 701 and then take our model and make a quality render from it.Throughout the training we will learn different techniques on how to bring a physical object into the 3D application. We will start with some basic techniques, then learn about reference images and how to take them. Then we will proceed to model the vacuum cleaner. Once we have a finished the model we will add shaders in MODO and make a beauty render using the MODO renderer.By the end of this tutorial you should have a decent idea of how to go about modeling a real life hard surface object, and you will have learned some new things about MODO in the process.