13 comments on “Adobe CC Master Collection 2015.5 Updated Aug 2016 Win x64

  1. Yes, its a hodgepodge of various install programs but in the four I’ve installed so far, it has been working. I am offline when Installing. Audition and Photoshop install quickly, but Bridge and Illustrator take 6 to 8 minutes to complete. I painter patch everything. Haven’t gotten further than that yet.

  2. Okay, the next group of installs. Lightroom is an update and results in a license mismatch error – thus it will require a special installation hack. Prelude okay, Media Encoder completed install with errors (C++ redistributable errors and some registry errors)
    Also I installed PS x86, then x64. x64 works but x86 requires sign-in/activation even when patched. I’ve seen this before but forget the solution.

    So far, this package is a collection of hacks that work and don’t work. More to do tomorrow.

  3. While I’ll remain ever thankful to the people that provide the goods on this platform, I’ll never understand why this crappy method of delivering said goods is employed. Why not just post its availability here and link to a torrent on cgpeers?

  4. Finished installing Premiere and AE from this pack. Had the same kind of errors as with Media Encoder although both installs completed and will start. However Premiere took over seven minutes to start and my system was slow even after a reboot. I removed all Adobe products and started over. Will not use this pack again.

  5. Well post a damn torrent if you managed to download the damn thing. Isn’t this community about sharing?

  6. Help. Do not have time to download part 14. Download is closed(((. Upload, please, somewhere part 14 with the same name that was in the list. Thank you egowixob@gmail.com

  7. Is there a way to change the installation path? I started it and it installs it on C:, which I don?t want. Any information on that?

  8. https://www.cgpeers.com/torrents.php?action=download&id=48772&authkey=17b976c9b3e4b4e42aefb918e4dafde5&torrent_pass=5zz5imt0xn1k4aml4tpbb3uji04j9x2u

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