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    • what does the title say, and the exe file? where you get 11.3 from

  1. i found password but not work lumion 11 (general connection failure),i need help please?

    • the solution was that I installed lumion with the connection active…

      – BEFORE installing lumion, disconnect the internet and antivirus
      – apply the patch (I put them directly in lumion11 folder and run administrator)
      – copy the contents of the “hotfix” folder into the Lumion11 folder
      – (personal step) block incoming / outgoing lumion 11 firewall connection
      – Enjoy!

      Now it works perfectly!

      • hello still could not open, I did the whole installation process with the internet turned off and still keeps appearing the message “connection problem”

    • can u please tell me how to edit host file.. or your solution ?

      • If you setup before do again delete and after clean any on programs file any folder for lumion 11 ,
        After restarting computer again
        Disconnect internet first
        After setup lumion
        When finish lumion
        Just paste crack tpcrew on folder lumion 11
        Open and crack
        After open lumion 11 and never make connect internet
        Wait will open
        Any time want use lumion close first disconnect 👍

  2. the software launches and a message “your license key is invalid” the crack does not work

  3. Disconnect from internet connection before even you press install. Make an exception to your antivirus software of Lumion 11.0 folder in program files where you put the patch and the hotfix. Reconnect after you finished the above. It worked for me in my 3rd attempt.

  4. I don’t have the .nfo file… can anybody copy paste to here for me please? Thank you

  5. guys, i installed and used this version of lumion until two days ago but then, today, it doesnt work! it shows a lot of error but it doesnt work! tried several time to unistall and reinstall, with and without the connection

    i’m the only one with this problem??

    • This is exactly what happened to me today. I might reinstall tomorrow. Did you ever get it working again? Correctly?

  6. It worked. After uninstalling (with revo uninstaller) and re-installing maybe 6 times. Finally, I followed the steps that include disconnecting from the internet (using the block traffic function of my ESET AV), installed the program first, applied the patch, copied over the hotfix (after backing up the original files and folders), edited the hosts file, and blocked all files in the lumion folder from any traffic (in and out in any protocol). then I ran it and it worked. Now I will reboot and see if it still works.. ;)

  7. Hi Dear. Thanks for your kind efforts and support. I did install it following all instructions and steps and ran it one time successful but next day when opened it faced many error messages and couldnt run it. I hope you can help to solve this issues for good :)

  8. April 30, 2021 – I installed this morning andbit works perfectly… and the install was very easy. I followed the OPs steps
    1. Disconnect from Internet BEFORE pressing install
    2. Install exe
    3. Copy Patch file and run (pass: tpcrew-group)
    4. Copy Hotfile Contents
    5. Have fun!!!

    Thanks a million Diptra!!!

  9. panocammand.dll are block by my symantec endpoint anti virus. its quarantine and lumion got lots of error.

  10. I also had connection error after the first installation, but it worked no problem the second time (used Revo Uninstaller to remove the first installation).

    Indeed you should (completely) disconnect the internet BEFORE you start the installation, then you should apply the crack.

    Just in case, I also kept the internet disconnected when I ran Lumion for the first time.
    After closing it and reconnecting it launches fine.

  11. the crack modifies 5 dll’s, adding over 3Mb to their size. All files when submitted to virustotal report them containing a trojan.

    • Cause it’s packed by VMPROTECT idk why. They use Dup2Patcher too just to put the files to %ProgramFiles%…..also the ASPack on it is pointless, password can be bypassed and original Dup2patcher project can be dumped lol

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