13 comments on “PhysXPainter v2.0 3ds Max

  1. Many good programs, plugins here, you cant download, who know why.. but admin is usually without reaction.

  2. Can You explain how to install the plugin because it’s seems that the plugin doesn’t work !

  3. Max 2020 not working and not even show up in global search, not run script so how it suppose to work? in your mind? (@Taleh Abasov)

    • Just go to Helpers => KinematicLab => Create PhysXPainter

      UI is works and at first time I thouth it works, but brush functions is not. So I can’t paint any assets :(

  4. Hi guys,its actually working,what u need is to paste the “Startup” folder and “PhysXPainter_V0102.mse” into 3ds max “scripts” folder, after that copy “PhysXPainter_Icons_a” & “PhysXPainter_Icons_i” into “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2020\UI_ln\Icons”,then start 3ds max. So far so good and no issue,gud luck guys

    • ZooHakken, ¿can use the brush? ¿you can paint with the brush?

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