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53 comments on “Cebas Thinking Particles 4.0- 2011 x32 & x64

    • Cebas thinkingParticles? 4.0 For 3DsMax 2010, 2011 x32Bit & x64Bit


      • Di-o-matic Character Pack_1.4 3DsMax

        Di-O-Matic Voice-O-Matic 1.6 For Maya

    • Maya has a robust particle system and you can do what you want if you know what your doing, that’s why Maya is very famous when it comes to particles and dynamics. I think this plug-in is in-appropriate for maya.

      my 2 cent.

      • i used maya alot and i know that u can do almost anything with maya particle. but scripted particle vs compiled operator i think the compiled one will win on speed. check out houdini’s particle system (i think its the best so far) or xsi’s ice (btw for speed i think ice is better but for workflow flexibility houdini will surely win)..

    • The help file is on the cebas website. You will find that they are starting to do this with a lot of their products.

  1. Error installing IPClamp, “Please close License Manager”.
    Any help?
    Running Win7 64x. 3ds Max 2011 64x.

  2. Yeah! I get the same ERROR message
    Error installing IPClamp, ?Please close License Manager?.
    Win x64 3ds Max 2011 x64

  3. Final Render succeeded.
    However, as for TP, the error comes out by the import of “ipclamp.lic”.
    3ds Max however, “Licence Server Error” comes out.
    Keygen isn’t working.

    • The keygen for final render works with this. all you have to do is input your licence details in 3dsmax and it will work.

  4. 1. It installs TP.
    2. It installs ipclamp.
    3. It ends ipclamp by the task manager.
    4. It starts up keygen.
    It clicks Crack.
    5. It specifies the directory of cevas ipclamp.
    6. The success
    7. It starts up Ip-clamp.
    8. It pastes the license code of keygen and it clicks “Add”.
    9. It is an export in the request code.
    10. It specifies the text file of the request code by keygen.
    It specifies the output-destination of the “ipclamp.lic” file.
    11. It clicks the generator button.
    12. It reads the lic file which was generated in Ip-clamp.
    13.That the error comes out….

    What is bad?
    Please, help me…:S

    • If you have already got a licence generated from final render, it activates all cebas products and versions. You do not need to add another licence for thinking particles.

      • Thnank you, Sonny Dye!

        It seems that it mistakes.
        TP worked!
        Server Error came out but functioned in setting an IP address and a port.

    • As I said in a comment above:

      “The help file is on the cebas website. You will find that they are starting to do this with a lot of their products.”

  5. Hello, i resolved the problem whit ?Licence Server Error? comes out. You open IP-clamp as administrator and then push the botton “Stop” and the application stop. Now you can crack and all steps foward. Sorry my english.

    Para los latinos. Es simple, abris el ip-clamp como administrador y cuando abre la ventana, le das a Stop entonces la aplicacion deja de correr. De esta manera nos da acceso a poder crackear y depues solo siguen los pasos mas arriba relatados. Saludos y espero les sirva.

    GaboDelOr pixelhouse.

  6. gabodelor no funciona asi, detengo el proceso y nada al darle crack en el keygen me sale “Please select Cebas/ip-clam directory” , lo busco en c://archivos de programas / cebas/ip-clam y dice “Cannot open files! please close license manager!!” que puedo hacer

  7. the same error ;/

    Error installing IPClamp, ?Please close License Manager?.
    I check everything and still not working ;/
    Win 7 x86

    • A solution for window 7 has been related: Well if anyone is facing problem installing Final render in 3d max 2010 in win 7. Here is the solution how to install final render in 3d max 2010.
      Step 1
      First, install final render (32bit or 64 bit) in the following path.
      C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3d max 2010
      Step 2
      Now Install other plugins of final render like Final toon etc in the foresaid path.
      Step 3
      Now install the ipclamp.
      Step 4
      After installing the ipclamp. Stop the final render server through task manager. And make it sure that you have to stop the final render server for all the users and you can easily do that by clicking the Show processes for all users button or link being displayed at the bottom of the task manager.
      Step 5
      Now run the XF-IPClamp as administrator. (Right click on the XF-IPClamp and choose run as administrator)
      Step 6
      Click on the Gen Licence Code button on the XF-IPClamp. After that click the crack button and assign the follwing path.
      c:\Program Files\cebas\ip-clamp and press ok after that.
      After that you?ll get a message,close it and restart your computer.
      Step 7
      After restarting the computer run the final render server.
      Step 8
      Now run XF-IPClamp (keygen) and IP-Clamp.exe as the administrator only.
      Step 9
      Now go to the Request menu of the the IP-Clamp.exe and put your details in the required fields. In the Licence code, copy and paste the code from the keygen and click the add button. After putting all the details select the network adapter listed below and click the request button. After that save your request in the following path.
      c:\Users\Public\Public Documents\cebas
      Step 10
      Now go to the keygen which you have run earlier in the 8th step.
      Step 11
      In the, Insert request file path assign it to the file which you have saved in the step 9th .
      Step 12
      Now in the next option(Specify licence file output path) again put the path of step 9th. And press generate.
      Step 13
      Now again go to the IP-Clamp.exe and press the Licences menu and import the licence from the following path.
      c:\Users\Public\Public Documents\cebas
      it should work

  8. There are no sample files or demos with this, unlike TP3.
    Anyone got any, particularly on fragmentation and Volumebreaker?

  9. What the fuck, why do you people DO this???

    I downloaded the 64 bit version, but I can’t install because you left an archive out. WHY???

    It says it needs a .r00 to run the .msi. What the shit!? Why are your downloads incomplete??

  10. Hello. Thank you for the great post.
    I’ve successfully installed IP-clamp and Thinking Particles, too(I think)
    But, when I open Max, I don’t see any components of the Thinking particles.
    It should be on Create > Particle Systems > and I must see Thinking Ring and so on.
    I also refer to the plugin directory of Max, and I don’t see any Cebas or Thinking particles there, neither.
    It might be I couldn’t install it correctly.
    Does someone else got the same problem??

    • Ah! My mistake.
      I didn’t “browse” or pick the directory, and since I have various versions, the thinking particle had a trouble choosing which one.
      Now resolved. And exploring for this world. Thanks a lot!

      • Cheers mate, i was climbing up the walls with that one . . . goes to show that guys who talk to themselves are above average intelligence :)

  11. Hello brothers thanks for this post i have a question.
    thinking particles doesnt install correctly .
    I ponit it to my 3ds max 2010 but it installs to users\…\documents dir.
    Any help.

  12. I don’t where I should install the plugin. I installed it but nothing appear in 3Ds Max 2011. Does someone have this issue?
    Would be glad to have any help

  13. Hey,

    I’m trying to install thinking particles 4.0. I followed all the steps, install IP-clamp, disable it, crack it restart etc etc. It all works fine until I actually load 3ds Max and I get this message:

    –Type error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined

    Its so infuriating I have tried installing it so many times but always comes up with this message before MAX opens and then TP does not appear under particles in the drop down menu……

    can anyone explain why its doing this???

  14. if u got lis error
    run ip-clamp in start menu as administrator
    then put any password
    run 3d max
    use thinking particle
    it ask for pass word
    use port ,and password
    as same as in the ip-clamp window

  15. hey guys!
    after i download the particles files which is the exact directory where i put it?
    tks a lot

  16. Got it installed, all works fine unitl I make an adjustment, such as in a velocity operator, then I get “error, internal error” then particles are no longer displayed, and when I select the TP Icon I get no options in the Modifier panel ( such as open the TP properties window). Then my TP icon becomes useless, because when it’s selected no options appear in the panel. Also shortcut keys dont work nor does toolbar options (I created one with all 4 TP options).

    Any help or suggestions out there? I searched the forums and there doesn’t seem to be any known solution. BTW I am using Max 2010 x64.

  17. I found it some interesting and the best part is “link is working”

    Di o matic Character Pack 1.4 VIP Edition For 3DsMax x32Bit & x64Bit.rar

  18. sorry but my English is not good. I am trying to install the R4 Thinking Particles for 2010-2011 max x64 win 7 x64 ultimate, I use the keygen cracker. I follow the steps that indicates a member of the forum, but can not get the ip-clamp that generere text file that the key to finish the job keygen Craker

    I hope they understand and can help me.

    thank you very much

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