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91 comments on “Cg Workshop Exterior Training Summer 2011

  1. awesome thanks man… i would like to donate some $$ to help with the cost of this one if you bought it.. ??

  2. Hello, I think the video SU1.flv at lesson 10 is missing!!!!!

    Thank you Ir0nboy

  3. Does it include all the training package????

    You can see all the training package here:

  4. Dear, i want to confirm what vol of exterior training summer 2011, as they will produce vol 3 soon, so where is vol 1 & 2, can anybody help me???

  5. Is this the same training than this one? or are there differents
    Cg Workshop Exterior Training Summer 2011???

  6. can some1 help me with fast tutorials to set up an exterior summer settings with v ray please,
    i want to lear only how to render to set up the camera ,lights and render settings for fast render that render good realistic materials fast please help me thank you

    • Quit being a lazy motherfucker. Please this, please that, what did you think? That someone was going to help you with your ridiculous request? You will have to put some effort into learning that shit yourself!

  7. I think it’s so funny that he used cracked software for creating the tutorials.. fx Onyx is in the onyx tutorial licensed to “PARADOX” haha.. dont feel bad about downloading the videos :p

  8. -Lecture 1:file 1_(2).flv
    -Lecture 6 : 2 file FLO2.flv v? FLO3.flv
    I cant see these video,anyone have file good upload pls.

    • Use a program called AVS Video Converter to transcode the video to similar settings. Worked for me.

  9. why don’t you people try fry render …. is fast & physically accurate like maxwellrender

  10. vray sucks , it does not render correct gama , it always put whitewash on the render images like burned photographs i simply do not recommend vray

    try some of these render engines, they have accurate results
    1) fryrender
    2) maxwellrender

  11. Chek the previous comment, there is a torrent link,

    here it is dude

    • Hi dude,
      The given link is dead in CG PEERS, is there way for me to get this tutorial.

    Torrent file has been deleted.
    Can someone upload it again, please?

    • You are right, the torrent has gone dead. I’m also queued for the download.

  13. The given link for “Cg Workshop Exterior Training Summer 2011” has been deleted.

    Anybody, could you please restore the torrent.

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