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31 comments on “Ozone 5.0 Win/Mac Including Updates X-FORCE

  1. wow, this one is awesome. Ozone and Carbon is a good combination. Didnt made e-on software any plugin for water simulation? That could help too :D

  2. Awesome, I have Vue Xstream installed but I have been waiting for this instead for ages. Great post – thanks!

  3. Lion, 10.7.2. – installer won’t start at all from hard drive. Just jumping on the dock, doing nothing…Anyone else?

      • I downloaded it from another source and same thing….and I’m not alone in this ( You start it from HDD? Lion, is it 10.7.2?

  4. Ok, found the solution for Carbon Scatter. I’ve downloaded trial copy from website and replaced in torrent with official setup. It worked. You can download my here ( Just replace in torrent with this one and all should work well.
    There is no option to download Ozone trial so i cannot repeat this with it. Ir0nboy if you want to help, please send me just that worked for you.
    Tell me if this worked for you guys having this issue.

  5. I’ve found the solution for people having problem with installation on Lion 10.7.2. Just download PLE edition of Ozone, replace CGPersia download with one from PLE edition and carry on installation as usual. It works.

    • ..the executables in the app-package aren’t flagged as executable..

      – Right-click on ‘Install Ozone plugins’ / Show Package Contents
      – navigate to Contents/MacOS – there are 2 files
      – Open a terminal
      – type ‘chmod +x’ (without the quotes) plus a space
      – drag the Setup file in terminal, press enter
      – type ‘chmod +x’ (without the quotes) plus a space
      – drag the Setup_adminRights file in terminal, press enter

      Start Install Ozone plugins

      • I haven’t check this out, but if this works for everybody, I’m glad you are here with us 3D-ER and wish you check in a bit earlier to save me some time looking for solution. Thanks ;)

  6. Hi people !!!
    first of-all thanks for the share Ir0nboy !
    I have a question guys:
    I tested Ozone with vray 2.0 and its f**ing slow….. even with the lowest settings, some help plz ???? what’s the problem ?

    mental ray works good; renders good by the way !!!

    • same with me… too slow. i wont use this, you can’t even render out simple box in a reasonable time

  7. Thanx Ironboy for this wonderfull post,I am try to install Ozone 5on win XP 64 bit. bot not able to activate it as activation code is meant for mac osx as per the Key gen. Kindly help me.

  8. Maya’s UI stopped working after installing this plugin, I had to uninstalled it to take control of Maya back. Anyone had the same problem?

  9. I try to update to build 9006125 with the update included, but as soon i launch ozone, a message pop ups and says this “your ozone plugin does not have the same revision number as the core application.” and say the a reinstallation of the update will fix it, but don´t work. And i still see the original number of build.

  10. Hmm how do I install it if I only have Cinema4D r13 installed? The update installer recognizes C4D 13 but the main app installer doesn’t, and I need it to install the main app folder.

  11. for xforce this is rubbish!…
    cannot install shit with this crap…

  12. cannot find Ozone 5 application folder. ??? so what gives – any idea, help?… seriously i cannot f*&^%n believe that NO ONE can give a run down on this proper!… followed ALL, i mean ALL steps in ALL variation BUT nothing…

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