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19 comments on “The Foundry Mari 2.5v1 win/linux/mac

  1. it seems that both ul and dizzcloud archives are somehow corrupted – especially the xf folders reports error when I try to unrar them :(

  2. I was able to install and get everything going except when activating the license server via the hostname info. Anyone have any insight? im on a mac.

  3. I’ve managed to get a working archive from a filefactory mirror, go ahead and get it here:

  4. It didn’t work. I followed the instructions, but once I open the program a window popup and says: “Mari2.5v1.exe has stopped working”

    I’ve followed the instructions of this post

    But it still doesn’t work. Well, I wanted to try this program because I heard it’s amazing, and I don’t want the 15-days trial.

    Anyway, thank’s Unique and X-Force for the program :)

  5. any insight on the license for the product? I cant figure out the last step.

  6. For mac users running OS X 10.8 or 10.9: activate just as the instruction says, but using port 4101 instead of 5053. If you do this properly, then the only problem activating this is with the “rlm.foundry” file – after copying it to the proper location (follow the instruction!), open Terminal, type “sudo chmod 755” (without quotes) and drag & drop “rlm.foundry” file from Finder window to Terminal window, then press Return/Enter, then give your admin password, done. Start Mari and paint your models. All that we do here is changing “rlm.foundry” file into unix executable file – not doing this after copying to the location is the source of the trouble with activating. The funniest thing is that the instruction says that you have to do this, but noone cares because info is put at the end… People, learn to read instructions from A to Z and following them to the point.

  7. It does not work! Just cannot even start the server after installing – click on – no reaction (OSX Maverics)

    • You must download the new Tool… All works fine with Mavericks

      • Can I use the cracked file for 7.02? I tried, but it doesn’t work… Does it work for anybody on mavericks???

  8. Does anyone know where to get a cracked version of FLT dofferent then 7.02? I’ve tested 7.05(not cracked) but at least I can launch it…

  9. i installed it, cracked it. everything seems have gone ok but when i launch it it won’t launch. I run run Mari through the terminal and see that it says it’s not supported on my processor. I’m running an AMD hackingtosh with 10.9.1. what a shame i don’t understand how they can hardcode that expecting someone to not be using an intel cpu. second application ever that has done this to me, other one being adobe cs6.

  10. Can someone help me out please?

    I did everything on the instructions but nothing seems to work…

    I have these errors when i try to click status when I get the licence error

    User has admin privileges : NO
    Is RLM Server Running : UNKNOWN
    Server Running Test Error : You must be root to perform this action.

    These are highlighted in red

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