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13 comments on “VRay For C4D v1.8.1 Win/Mac

    • Install 1.8.1 update fix the crash.
      If you’re running on 1.8 Cinema 4D 64bit crash instantly.
      But 32bit version works fine.

  1. Thanks for the archive. I downloaded from two mac links but only .exe appears on directory. Do you know why?

    ps: sorry for some english errors, im from brazil

  2. These are instructions for R14 Mac but should also work for R15

    1. Copy the VrayBridge folder (which means all the files in the folder) from the download into your MAXON/Cinema 4D R14/plugins folder.

    2. Get Info (Command-I) for the CINEMA Click on the lock under Sharing and Permissions (you will have to enter your Mac’s password). Change the permissions for all users to Read/Write (click on the double arrows to reveal the various permissions). Click on the lock to relock the Sharing and Permissions. Close the Info window.

    3. Right Click or Control-Click on the CINEMA to Show Package Contents of the CINEMA

    4. Copy all the files from the downloaded CommonLibs folder into Contents/MacOS (you might have to enter your Mac’s password again)

    5. The old xf-vray125.dmg keygen is still able to generate a valid VrayBridge.key for version 1.8.X

    6. Use your Cinema 4D serial number XXXXXXXXXXX (only the first eleven number)

    7. Save the VrayBridge.key wherever you want. Get Info (Command-I) for the the VrayBridge.key and change the permissions for all users to Read/Write like you did for Step 2. Relock the permissions. Close the Get Info window. Then copy the VrayBridge.key into your CINEMA 4D R14 folder.

    Start Cinema 4D and check plugging for installation.

  3. YEW! cheers! had to download a old keygen ‘xf-vray125.dmg’ from elsewhere, but works now!

  4. For win 8.1 Cinema 4D 64bit:

    1. Copy VrayBridge folder into Cinema 4D plugins
    2. Generate a VrayBridge.key using a keygen from older version
    3. Paste key into main directory of C4D

    Hope this helps

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