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7 comments on “Quixel nDo2 v1.1.9 Win64

  1. ^ it does, just move the [long_hash_numbers].dat file at the location mentioned in the description to another location and it works!

  2. It does work. All you do is when you install the program you take the cracked version and move(or copy) it over to wherever it installed at. Where that exe file is where you place it. Then you make a shortcut to it and click on that.
    After your FIRST launch of it then you can see the [long_hash_numbers].dat file. So you close the program and then move or delete that file and reopen and you got the full version.

    Took me a bit since I was looking for a file that the program didn’t create yet since I didn’t open it. Hope this helps.

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  4. where ist that [long_hash_numbers].dat, I cant find it. There is no description with this Ndo or my Ndo.
    pls help!!

  5. A little more clarification for people. Copy the nDo.cracked.exe into one of the x64 or x86 folders where the “nDo.exe” is. Then create a link to the nDo.cracked.exe.

    To find the .dat file. Look under your user name on the C: drive. Most likely it’s under C:\Users\”your name”\

    Right there one you run the program a long numbered .dat file should appear. Simply delete it and the program should run once you link it to photoshop.

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